There are so many reasons to get excited about the growing cheese culture in Japan and it's cultural implications in a globalized world. Japanese cheesemakers aren't simply trying to replicate the traditional cheese traditions of other countries. In fact, many are forging their own path with unique cheeses that will only ever be found in Japan. As you get to know the cheeses and cheesemakers of Japan, on this page you'll find some basic facts about Japanese cheese and helpful hints about where and how to get some of your own. 

We'll be working on this page a lot, adding more details and little facts, even some "How to's" for emailing cheesemakers and filling out order forms. All in good time!

A few basic facts

  • Like a lot of food in Japan, it's more expensive than other countries. If you're buying cheap cheese in Japan, it's most likely highly processed.
  • The most alluring ones incorporate Japanese ingredients--miso, shiso leafs, plum wine, tamari, sake, herbs, sakura, wine pomace, etc. 
  • Japanese cheese is rarely if ever exported.

How to buy japanese cheese

  1. Shops in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto: in shop, online, phone, and even fax
  2. Order directly from Cheesemakers: in shop, online, phone, and fax (different for every cheesemaker)