Located on a modern top floor in the back streets of Minami Aoyama, Apéro delights its guests with a warm welcome in its freshly decorated restaurant. With full floor-to-ceiling windows looking out, the room feels lively, with blue walls giving it a calmness that invites guests to linger. And that is just what they do. 

Apéro is inspired by its name, another rendering of “aperitif” or “aperitivo”. They encourage guests to come for a glass of wine before a meal or a drink after a meal. Once inside and with a look at the menu, there’s little chance of going elsewhere for food. Apéro’s menu is inspired by traditional home French cooking with an emphasis on fresh, organic ingredients. This is not a French restaurant where everything is heavily soaked in butter and oil. The chefs concentrate on healthy options such as microbiotic bread and soups made in house with fresh vegetables. Every item on the menu is accompanied with numerous wine recommendations from their thoughtful selection of organic French wines. 

Local ingredients are also an important part of their menu. Their cheese plate is a fusion between French and Japanese classics. There won’t be Brie or Camembert, but lesser known French cheeses from the Savoie and other regions. From Japan, Apéro orders cheese from Kyodogakusha in Hokkaido, a cheesemaker with incredibly high-quality cheeses made on a biodynamic farm. The beef items on the menu are also sourced from Japanese farmers. It’s a real testament to quality over quantity and health over a price point. 

Healthy French Cuisine
Cheese: Mix of lesser-known French & Japanese cheeses

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Wed-Fri 18:00-24:00
Sat 16:00-24:00
Sun 11:30-24:00
Closed Tues

Contact: 03-6325-3893