Cherry Smoked Cheese in Time for Hanami


Wandering through the bright lights of Tokyo’s Akihabara district, cheese is not the first thing one thinks of. Swarms of otaku (Japanese pop culture nerds), arcade game centers, and bursts of frenzy from pachinko parlors are the primary sensations. Amongst all this was a food truck called Ibushi-An, selling an enticing smoked cheese.

Ibushi-An sells most of its hand-smoked cheeses, eggs, and meats from food trucks around Tokyo. Everything is made and smoked by hand in Akiruno, on the far Western edge of Tokyo. They smoke the cheese using cherry wood, a salute to the iconic Japanese cherry blossom. Ibushi-An also guarantees that no additives are used, with no artificial smoke flavoring.

The cheese by Ibushi-An complements the Japanese palette with the perfect level of cherry-wood smokiness. The savory flavors keep the hand wandering back for another piece. Ibushi-An’s cherry-wood smoked cheese is the perfect artisan-alternative to the plastic processed cheeses in the grocery stores. 

Check out the profile of Ibushi-An’s Smoked Cheese here

Sliced and coerced into an opened dried date with a walnut, a truly amazing otsumami is created. The perfect snack for any hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) or drinks with friends. This combination is sure to highlight an undeniably umami flavor profile.