Cheese Voice: Speaking for Hokkaido


Hokkaido is the dairyland of Japan and produces the majority of dairy products in the country. Lush summer fields filled with grazing animals and a robust year-round milk production are the result of an ideal environment. In the grocery stores across the country, Hokkaido milk, yogurt and cheese are a staple. But what’s found in the grocery stores is usually produced by large companies, not by the 100 or so small farms producing quality artisan dairy products around the island.

Cheese Voice, located in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa neighborhood of Tokyo, fills a need for quality, artisan dairy products in Japan. The shop provides the people of Tokyo with over 300 different kinds of cheese from Hokkaido. All cheeses are fresh and rotate depending on the season. Cheese Voice also sells different products from all across Hokkaido, including wine, cider, and regional specialities. 

Before the store opened in November 2015, there was very little access to artisan cheese made in Japan. To ensure consistent quality, Cheese Voice carefully selected 30 producers to work with from over 100 cheesemakers in Hokkaido. Relationships built on trust and a passion for the product guarantee that only the best cheeses reach customers. Cheese Voice believes that every cheese has its story, and they would love to share it with you. 

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