Earth Cheeks from NEEDS Cheese


Soft, bouncy, light flavors and a marvelous mouthfeel. This not only describes “mochi”, Japanese pounded rice dough, but a cheese named Earth Cheeks. Made by NEEDS Cheese Factory in the image of a mochi cake, the texture of this light but complex cheese is worth a try. 

NEEDS Cheese Factory started making cheese in 2003 from the milk of free-grazing cows at nearby Nitta Farm. The quality of the local milk contributes to the soft milky colors and creamy paste. The mouthfeel and chewiness of Earth Cheeks is really addicting, especially when paired with thick, crunchy crackers. 

Earth Cheeks is delicious on its own or heated over bread, meats and vegetables. Warm it in the oven to make it soft and fondue-like. As Earth Cheeks ages, the richness of the cheese and its natural, slightly pungent aroma becomes more complex and creamy.

Mochi is an important part of the Japanese diet and identity. Its no surprise that a cheese is made in its honor. When enjoying Earth Cheeks, keep the experience Japanese and pair it with a Japanese craft beer like an Echigo Red Ale or a Hitachino Pale Ale. 

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