Hokkaido Cheese Trip: Ran Ran Farm


Tokachi Millennium Forest bridges the gap between tourist attraction and natural wonder. With a cafe, working goat farm, numerous gardens and beautiful landscape design, it appeals to the average tourist and nature lovers alike. Spend a few moments sitting by the creek as the chimes tinkle over head, feed the friendly sheep next to the flower garden, stroll with a soft cream in hand, or wander up the hill for a view of verdant Shimizu. Even on a rainy day, the rolls of the hills and nature's soft sounds are captivating.


Ran Ran Farm is just one section of Tokachi Millennium Forest. On the farm, there are approximately 150 Saanen goats that provide the milk for over 10 different cheeses. While grazing, the white bodies of the Saanens contrast beautifully against the green fields. 

Guests can visit the milking parlor and feeding area that lead to the cheesemaking facility but are not able to tour inside. For a cheese experience, Ran Ran Farm offers cheesemaking classes with a reservation. We didn’t have the opportunity to meet the cheese-making team here, but it was worth seeing the beautiful countryside with one of the only goat cheese producers in Japan. 

For more information about Ran Ran Farm and Tokachi Millennium Forest, check out the blog post on their Chèvre in Olive Oil here

TokachiMilleniumForest Cheeseshop