Found at: Queen’s Isetan, Shinagawa Station
Producer: NEEDS Cheese Factory
Region: Japan, Hokkaido, Makibetsu
Type: semi-hard
Texture: chewy, soft, amazing mouthfeel
Flavor: creamy, light pungency, savory

Earth Cheeks

Earth Cheeks is made by NEEDS Cheese Factory in the image of a mochi cake. The mouthfeel and chewiness of Earth Cheeks is really addicting, especially when paired with thicker, crunchy crackers. 

Earth Cheeks is delicious on its own and even better heated over bread, meats or vegetables. Heat it in the oven to make it soft and fondue-like, with a similar texture to heated mochi. As it ages, the richness of the cheese and its natural, slightly pungent aroma will become more and more complex and creamy.

When enjoying Earth Cheeks, keep the experience Japanese and pair it with a Japanese craft beer like an Echigo Red Ale or a Hitachino Pale Ale.