Cherry-wood Smoked Cheese


This cherry wood smoked cheese is made by Ibushi-An, a small cheese producer in Akiruno, on the far Western edge of Tokyo. The cheese is sold alongside smoked meat and eggs from Ibushi-An’s food trucks around Tokyo. Everything is made and smoked by hand using cherry wood, a salute to the iconic Japanese cherry blossom. They also guarantees that no additives are used, and no artificial smoke flavoring.

Ibushi-An’s cheese complements the Japanese palette with the perfect level of cherry-wood smokiness. It is the perfect artisan-alternative to the plastic processed cheeses in the grocery stores. Try it sliced on its own, in a sandwich, or make something special. It is the perfect snack for any hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) or drinks with friends. 


Found: Ibushi-an Smoked Products Food Truck, Akihabara Station
Producer: Ibushi-an 
Region: Japan, Tokyo, Akiruno
Type: semi-hard, cherry-wood smoked
Texture: smooth
Flavor: light smokiness, salty, creamy
Extra Notes: A direct link to Ibushi-An’s product page here. Order some of your own, but only within Japan and in Japanese. 

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