Jyukushi Kaki

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Jyukushi Kaki means ripe persimmon, a perfect description for a cheese made in the image of an autumn hachiya persimmon. It’s small dome-shaped body is washed to create a natural orange tint, then wrapped and topped with dried persimmon leaves.

Jyukushi Kaki is beautifully made by Mirasaka Fromage in Hiroshima Prefecture, where the goats graze freely in the mountains. The cheese is full of flavor and a salty bite, but the paste is creamy and smooth. With aging it develops a beautiful cream-line and becomes even more rich on the palette. Jyukushi Kaki is only made in limited quantities during November and is often pre-ordered well-before its ready to be shipped. Get your email or call in to Mirasaka Fromage sometime in October so you can enjoy it as the leaves start to fall. 


Found at: Mirasaka Fromage Online Shop
Producer: Mirasaka Fromage
Region: Mirasaka, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Type of Cheese: Goat milk, washed-rind
Texture: Smooth, lactic
Flavor: Cream, salty
Extra notes: Seasonal cheese in November

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Cheesemaker    Mirasaka Fromage

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