Found at: Aoyama Natural House near Omotesando Station
Producer: Kisuki
Region: Japan, Shimane, Yunnan
Type: cow milk, smoked provolone
Texture: dense, smooth, chewy
Flavor: whole milk, nuts, smoke, lingering citrus
Notes: Waxed rind


Kisuki Provolone

As a pasta filata cheese, provolone can be versatile in both flavor and texture. Kisuki’s provolone is the domestic answer to all your sandwich needs, without being a highly-processed or tasting like plastic. It is made in Shimane prefecture, in one of the more rural regions of Japan. 

The flavors of the provolone start with whole milk, followed by nuts and smoke. The lingering nuances are more acidic and citrusy than creamy. The mouthfeel is dense but smooth and chewy, making it perfectly snackable.