Kiyomi Timothy

Kiyomi Timothy from Handa Farm in Hokkaido

Kiyomi Timothy from Handa Farm in Hokkaido

Aged in the pomace of Tokachi’s Kiyomi wine, Timothy crumbles softly, with light boozy undertones, and a flavor that would temp anyone to finish the whole slice. 

Handa Farm is located in rural Eastern Hokkaido, where winters are long, cold and dry. But in the town of Ikeda-cho, a new method of grape cultivation called “Kiyomi” was created after the Obsidian Earthquake of 1952, creating a dry wine from sour grapes particular to the region. “Timothy” has been made for over 10 years at Handa Farm, sold in its plain form or with the pomace of the Kiyomi wine it is also aged in. 

The Kiyomi wine pomace ages “Timothy” wonderfully. The wine-soaked flavours of the cheese can transport anyone to the wine cellars of their best memories. 


Found at: Cheese Voice チーズの声
Producer: Handa Farm, Hokkaido
Region: Japan, Eastern Hokkaido, Tokachi
Type: Cow’s milk, semi-hard
Texture: soft, big crumbles
Flavor: light, boozy, creamy, complex
Extra notes: Similar to a Tomme de Marc (France) or Ubriaco (Italy), which are also soaked in the pomace of various grapes. 

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