Miso Orchard 


Orchard is a hard cheese from Handa Farm named after one of the grasses of Hokkaido. Aged in miso for up to 9 months, the cheese absorbs a myriad of flavors. And once on your tongue, it hits every taste bud with layers of tang, umami, and a hint of sweetness.

Tamuraya is a long-established miso producer that makes a gentle but tangy miso that balances well with a smooth cheese like Orchard. Most miso is quite salty, but Tamuraya’s miso brings out the salt in the cheese instead of overshadowing it. Balanced flavors are important and well-achieved in this miso-cheese combination. 

Bathed in miso for six months and then packaged with miso for another three, Orchard is transformed into what we're calling Miso Orchard.  Break off a chunk of cheese and add a few miso bean bits for a flavor-packed experience.  Serve on apple slices for a little citrus and sweet.


Found at: Cheese Voice チーズの声
Producer: Handa Farm
Region: Japan, Eastern Hokkaido, Tokachi
Type: Cow milk, aged in miso, hard
Texture: hard, crumbly, oily, miso bean pieces
Flavor: tang and sweet from the miso; nuts and salt from the cheese
Notes: Great with apple slices

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