Found at: Cheese Voice
Producer: Niseko Cheese Factory
Region: Japan, Hokkaido, Niseko
Type: aged blue cheese
Texture: small crumbles, dry
Flavor: light, salty, sharp on the back, quietly pungent, lingering salt and light creaminess
Notes: won Bronze at 2014 Japan Cheese Awards

Sky [ku:]

Sky ku: is a hard and crumbly blue cheese without the pungent smell or richness of other blues. It is the perfect cheese for people who avoid the strong flavors and pungency of some blues. Thin lines of blue mold run through the cheese, weaving in and out of the paste at all turns. The small crumbles are light and deliciously salty, making it a versatile topping for all kinds of food to add extra salt or balance sweet flavors. 

It is made by Niseko Cheese Factory in Hokkaido, an area known for its heavy snowfall in winter and the flock of skiers that descend for the season. Check out the blog post where it square's off against a Nagano blue cheese here