The Cheese World of Japan

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The cheese culture in Japan is young and growing, as are the organizations bringing cheesemakers and consumers closer together. Check out some of the organizers and influencers in the cheese world.

CPA Cheese
Japan Cheese Award

Cheese Professional Association

The Cheese Professional Association of Japan (CPA) is a non-profit organization created in 2000 to foster community amongst the growing number of Japanese artisan cheese producers. It also works to connect cheesemakers with cheese professionals, enthusiasts, and consumers around the country.

CPA organizes the biannual Japan Cheese Award and annual Cheese Professional Certification Exam, as well as regular events and seminars showcasing different cheeses from around the world. It is the back-bone of the artisan cheese industry in Japan.

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Academie du Vin
Cheese Room Academie


The rigorous Cheese Professional Certification Exam and Japan’s love of niche hobbies led to a collection of schools specializing in cheese education. All schools have exam preparation courses as well as classes that teach the basics of cheese in more relaxed environments. A common theme is pairings with wine or Japanese sake.

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Dairy in the Government

The governmental side of cheese in Japan is promoted by a few organizations, including the Japan Dairy Association (J-Milk) and the Japan Dairy Council which hosts the biannual All Japan Natural Cheese Contest. Their focus is not strictly artisan cheese production, but the wider world of Japanese dairy and promoting the consumption of all dairy products.

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