Sakura Affine


Originally just an aging experiment by the cheesemaker, Sakura Affine is a stunning example of how a little time can produce an entirely new array of flavors and textures in the same cheese. Sakura Affine is the evolution of the original Sakura round from Kyodogakusha after 1 month of aging.  

Given the time, the hues of the stark white paste get warmer and more mellow. The cream line takes over and softens the whole round, creating a cheese that is melty, rich and creamy at room temperature. It is quite different from its younger self. The choice would be impossible deciding whether young Sakura or aged Sakura Affine has more to offer, so it's best to have one of each.


Found at: Cheese Voice チーズの声
Producer: Kyodogakusha
Region: Japan, Hokkaido, Tokachi
Type: cow milk, soft, white mold, aged 1 month
Texture: melty, oily, soft and fudgey
Flavor: creamy, buttery and more rich than sakura. grassy flavors of shiso leaf
Notes: Seasonal: available from February to June.

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